Armonk Wines & Spirits 80th Anniversary

Friday January 31 5-7pm


The event occurs on a cold Winter Friday,

The wine we pour might be a Marsannay

In any event, you’re asked to attend

A celebration in honor of Armonk’s old friend.


Be here at five so the party can start,

Our invite to you comes straight from our heart.

We ask you to raise your glass in a toast –

You’re helping us celebrate an 80 year post.


The store’s the same, the owner’s only two

Years in to his Gallic grand cru.

He’s serving and selling only great wines,

To sip, or to slurp, or to share as you dine.


Who:  Armonk Wine and Spirits

What: Our 80th anniversary party

When:  Friday January 24 at 5pm

Where:  383 Main Street, Armonk

Why:  Because we’re the oldest and best and we love our town!

Liquor Cabinet

Michael's pieceDear Friends..

Many of you have been asking about the beautiful wine cabinet in the shop (see photo). It was made by our long-time friend, Michael Lalicki, who is an artist, carpenter, and set designer. Some of his current work can be seen on the stage of the musical “Matilda” and many of his pieces reside in the homes of other artists, actors, and directors. If you are interested in learning more, or commissioning a custom piece, please visit here

Brooklyn: Where Bourbon is Boss


 Corn grows in Brooklyn – and this magnificent maize is the taste behind Kings County Bourbon and Moonshine.  What is Bourbon?  The short definition is:  A barrel-aged American whiskey.    There are as many versions of bourbon as there are kernels on a cob.  The key to bourbon is that by Federal Regulations (of course, the U.S. government has a rule) it be a minimum 51% corn-based.  There is no minimum time on the aging.  But we’ll have more on that on our bourbon page.

 Sent on a mission to bring Kings County Bourbon back to Armonk for your enjoyment, I had no notion of what to expect at the Brooklyn Navy Yard where Colin Spoelman has made his mark as the Baron of Bourbon.

The building his plant occupies is a classic 1899 brick shell whose only innards, other than supporting columns and an earthy wooden floor, are a series of stills – the two largest of which are copper, whose capacity is 270 and 200 gallons respectively; the other are smaller and lined up like stainless steel sailors about to be set on shore leave — saluting their steam and emitting an aroma like no other – certainly not one found on any ship in our Navy.

Colin was a gracious, proud and enthusiastic host, taking us on a tour of his corn field (very small, but fruitful); the plant, and his aging room where scores of casks are stored and marked by name and date.  Walking up to the second floor aging room, my big discovery was the chocolate flavored bourbon.  Have I arrived at heaven on Earth?   And yes, the chocolate bourbon is about to be released in October, a limited supply of which will be available here… sigh.  If I don’t keep it all to myself, we’ll sell it at the store.  I promise.

Colin’s story is an interesting one – having grown up in Kentucky, he moved to NYC a number of years ago, and distilled bourbon for personal use.  His love of the project grew and he moved into the current location where the output remains artisanal, limited, and very small scale – so small in fact, that the bourbon and moonshine are bottled only in 200 ml. sizes.  Converting this to volume you might be more comfortable with, it is the equivalent of 6.7 ounces.  That’s not quite a cup – and at 80 proof for the moonshine, and 90 proof for the bourbon, it’s almost a single serve Manhattan.

Stop in.  We have a limited amount available for you to taste.  You’ll love it. King’s County Bourbon 200ml -$21.50      Moonshine 200ml- $19

IMG_1629 IMG_1628 IMG_1627 IMG_1626 IMG_1625 IMG_1623 IMG_1622 IMG_1618 IMG_1615




El Dorado Rum Tasting

Friday September 20th  4pm – 7pm

Join us for a very special Rum Tasting–and learn how many different profiles there are of this spirit distilled from sugar!

“The story of rum in Guyana started in the 1640′s with the introduction of sugar cane by the early European settlers. But it was not until distilling was introduced into the new territories by the British in the 1650s that the foundation of Demerara Rum production was laid down…read more


Store will remain open during renovations

Recently at Armonk Wine & Spirits, we have been making quite a few changes to the store.  We are installing reclaimed hardwood floors, a beautiful tin ceiling, new cabinetry, and energy-efficient lighting in order to create an attractive new look.  The renovations will also allow for more floor-space, thereby making it easier for our customers to find exactly what they are looking for.  Expect to see the finished look in just a couple weeks!  In the meantime, the store will remain open during construction.  Take a look at the pictures we have of the progress thus far…


Special announcement

Armonk Wines & Spirits 80th Anniversary

Friday January 31 5-7pm   The event occurs on a cold Winter Friday, The wine we pour might be a […]

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Armonk Wines & Spirits 80th Anniversary

Friday January 31 5-7pm   The event occurs on a cold Winter Friday, The wine we pour might be a […]

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Armonk Wines teams up with the Pinwheel project !

The pinwheel project is a 501(c)(3) charity that is devoted to providing comfort and support to hospitalized children and their families.

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